How to save money before Christmas 2021

December 1, 2021 Saving

We all know how tough it’s been recently with the pandemic still at play. In the present day, cash just doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to (have you seen the price of gas lately – yikes). And with Christmas on the horizon, many might be wondering how they can save enough money to afford a traditional Christmas like years before.

Well, we’ve constructed a plan to help you save money before Christmas and lessen the stress.

Create A Financial Plan

Whether it’s revamping your current budget or creating something brand new, you need to have a plan in place. Your financial plan is like your map and without one you’ll end up lost and in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere meaning broke or in debt. This means;

  • Knowing who you’re buying for
  • Knowing your spending limits
  • Creating a family Christmas spending agenda to keep everyone in the loop so there’s no surprises.

Financial plans don’t have to be difficult- on the contrary, the simpler the better.

Rein In Your Spending

If you haven’t started to rein in your spending already, start today because it’s way easier to stop spending money than it is to make more of it. With that brand new financial plan you created, allot some money for miscellaneous expenses like eating out or a small treat, such as a cup of coffee, but once your allotment is gone it’s gone.

Setting your budget is one thing but sticking to it may prove to be more challenging in actuality. Some great ways to put some guardrails on your spending is;

  • Share your plan with a family member so you’re held accountable.
  • Use the cash system, because it’s way harder to part ways with actual money in your pocket.
  • Go on a no spend challenge to see how long you can go without caving and spending any money.

Shop Wisely

The best part about Christmas is it’s predictable, you know when it’s coming and you know it’s pricey. Use this to your advantage and prepare. Utilize discounts online, Black Friday and Cyber Monday to knock out your gift buying binges.

Shop with intent, know what you’re going in for and don’t dive in blind. Make a well thought out list of what you’re getting for who and know your price points.

Utilize Sales

We touched on this a bit but utilizing great sales can save you some major dough before the final leg of the Christmas season. This is the time to dust off those promotional emails that’ve been stagnant in your Gmail account for the past 11 months. Keep an eye out for your favorite stores and opt in for their email list to be the first to know when a sale is going down.

Make Presents

Another popular option nowadays is the personalization of making your own gifts. You can find some great ideas on Pinterest for crafty and thrifty gifts for whatever price point you’re needing. Some examples include;

  • Screen Print T-shirts
  • DIY photo calendar
  • Sewing or Crochet clothing items
  • Baking goods like cookies and pies as gifts


We all have that box in the closet with stuff that still has tags on it. It’s time to start regifting! Don’t worry that is no longer a dirty word in the world of gifting. Actually it can be quite a relief from traditional shopping if you know how it’s done. Some great regifting items include;

  • Gift cards
  • Bath soaps
  • Candles
  • White elephant gifts

But there are some things you want to stay away from when regifting like;

  • Baked good
  • Personalized gifts (duh)
  • Hand-me-downs
  • Swag from your office party

Seasonal Work

Another option that we’ve mentioned before is to take advantage of seasonal work. There are tons of retailers needing extra help around the holidays. Check online, at your favorite stores, and even mom and pop shops in your area.

The truth is saving money (especially during a short time frame) can only be done so much. Sometimes it’s easier to make more money than to save more money, especially around Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Creativity and ingenuity is key when trying to save money around Christmas and there are plenty of ways to get into the saving spirit. The key takeaways from today are;

  • Start as early as possible (Like now)
  • Get your whole family onboard with your plan
  • Understand your limits and implement them

The bottom line, don’t overthink it. Save when you can and as much as you can but don’t forget to enjoy the season and spend plenty of time making memories and enjoying family and friends.


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